Photo To Painting

Oil painting art gallery has more than 100 top-class china artists who can offer you the excellent photo to oil painting service.

We had handmade a lot of high quality oil paintings from photo for the customers from United Kingdom(UK)United state(USA),Canada(CA),Australia(AU), Arabic countries,New Zealand(NZ),French and some other countries.We can custom the family portrait photo to paintings,custom pets portrait photos such as dog portrait,cat portrait,horse portrait to paintings, turn baby,child,father,mother digital photo to painting, personalized memorial painting for your friends as gift.

Very good feedback has given from customers to our paintings skills and professional.Especially one UK Client praise us very high compliment.We trust you will also like the paintings we create for you.

Following are the price list and  some of our oil paintings from photos.Want to paint any your photos to paintings?Contact us,you will get the very excellent paintings.Many more portrait paintings about wedding portrait, other animal portrait paintings from photos,please visit our portrait oil painting

Price List

Figure Portrait Price

Pet Portrait Price

The above price are for your reference.The final price depends on the complexity of the photograph,the style you needed,etc.Please send us your photograph and your detail requirement,you will receive an exact paintings quote


Our family members may not always together for many reasons.Taking a family portrait paintings of all of the family members and hung it on the family house.When you miss your other family member who you have not met for a long time,the painting figure portrait can decrease your missing.They are always be there with you.Especially you have the wonderful paintings,which can express the inner heart of the figures,It must be a enjoy feeling.

                            The Original Photo                                                                                                   The Painting



Everybody has the childhood.It should be a very naivety and happy time.Having a happy memory to your children’s childhood,painting his portrait paintings for him.When he grow up,he can see how funny his childhood is.

                               The Original Photo                                                                                               The Painting



After a period time hard work,will you want to reward yourself?Making a self portrait for yourself is value and healthy.

Presenting your husband or wife his or her self portrait paintings from photo in the Christmas Day or your wedding

anniversary as a special gift to him or her.How happy he or her will be?

                            The Original Photo                                                                                                  The Painting





Are you trouble with sending what gift to your intimate friend’ birthday?
Sending your friend portrait painting can be a good choice.The personalized painting gift from photo can remember the happy time you are together and the paintings can be cherished for a very long time as your friendship.

                         The Original Photo                                                                                                     The Painting


We can paint your face in a masterpiece,and change the paintings background,combing the background and figure from other photos.You also can change the background style from realistic to impression,the subject colors and adding or remove figures from the paintings.

                        The Original Photo                                                                                               The Painting       


What gift will be your choice to your parents on mother’s day or the father’s day?The portrait paintings of your parents can be a good choice.It can express your thankful to your parents and it is the very good value of the portrait paintings which can hand down from this generation to next generation.Also high quality portrait painting is sure can let your parents happy for a long time.

                             The Original Photo                                                                                                The Painting




After your happy travel or trip to the countryside, the seaside or other place of interest,you must want to have some of your beautiful photos to cherish and share with your friends and family.The small size photo is not enough to do so.Painting the photos to oil paintings in a suitable size and hung them in your room or your house,it must can get a lot of praise.

                     The Original Photo                                                                                                     The Painting



If you have a beautiful nude body photo and you want to hang on in your private room,what can you do?Making it into oil paintings,you also can add some of your own idea ins it.A nude body oil paintings will be out for you only.

                             The Original Photo                                                                                                  The Painting


We also can paint other subjects photos into oil paintings

Any photos you want to create into paintings,Contact us now.